Youtube Scavenger Hunt – And They Even Wrote About It!

Last month we took upon ourselves at my buisness to promote the concert of the popular Israeli singer, Efrat Gosh. After a session of brainstorming, I suggested we’d hold an annotation based scavenger hunt in her Youtube videos, the winners will get tickets for the concert. Honestly, I didn’t think it will gain much attention, but I was wrong. Beside the fact that the audience cooperated nicely with the game, and her Youtube counters rose dramatically, the game gained the attention of “Social Times” – WOW!

The game play consisted of hiding riddles which are in the language of Efrat music videos. For a split second, just like a subliminal message, a riddle was hidden in one of her videos. This is gained by utilizing the annotation tool, which Youtube provide. We published the competition on Efrat’s Facebook and forum, and encouraged her fans to share their experience, and obviously to try and solve the riddles. Game play in social media isn’t necessarily an embedded flash game which publish scores and achievement, as commonly used. It is sometimes, a creative mean of usage for the tools social media offers. A different approach to the user experience. In this case the game play is based on riddles which challenge the user, as well as bringing him deeper into the vision of the artist. It works like hell 🙂 .

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