My New Fav Work Project – Poems From The Bench

I adore poetry. As Joseph Campbell wrote, poetry is the essence of a metaphor. I think it’s a beautiful saying and its true. There is some sort of magic in combining words together. It moves me, this human ability to pass on a specific emotion, an experience with so little words and in a certain structure with unique kind of rhyming. As if all metaphors spring from the tip of the words and send your mind, imagination and emotion to work extra hours. I think the first poetry book I bought was of the late poet David Avidan, who remain one of my most favorite poets. I like the unique language he created, the beauty he found in urban landscapes and his way of exploring the passing of time. My most favorite American poet is Walt Whitman, whose love to America engulf in flames each word he wrote. If you haven’t read “Leaves of Grass” you won’t understand it. But it’s a matter for a different post.

In my office we held had a discussion with David Broza, one of my clients and a remarkable dear persona. David suggested he’ll read to Youtube viewers favorite poems, which he’ll pick. We decided to film it in his back yard and David picked the poems from his personal library. I was pleased to discover that David picked the poem “Momento” by Lorca as the first poem to initiate the project. When I was in high school I played in one of Lorca’s plays, an experience which led me to the discovery of his writings. Lorca was sadly assassinated by the fascist party in Spain due to his opinions and sexual preference. Anway, here is the poem, as read by David Broza. Enjoy.