Israel’s Game Industry @ Develop Magazine

About a month ago Develop magazine addressed GameIS, the digital game association in Israel, and asked to do a spotlight article about the Israeli game industry. We recommended various people that they can address to, and they sent us a bunch of questions about the local industry. It turned out they took some of my quotes. The article is well written and interesting and here is the closing paragrpah in which I’m quoted:

The last word, however, must go to eMaginarium’s Dweck, who finds a positive result in a challenge not just for Israel in its entirety, but much of the world.

“I think that living in Israel makes you looks at things a bit differently,” he suggests. “Maybe it’s the stress from living under the threat of terrorism and war on our borders – Hizbollah, Hamas and now the horrible civil war in Syria – that makes your mind run wild and seek some refuge. I found out that the imagination offers peace and quiet, and for me designing games is the most relaxing thing there is. I want games to promote peace and happiness, and make people feel good even though it feels that sometimes the world gone a bit insane.”

You can read the article here