Back To Writing!

Well, as the title say, I'm back into writing. The past 10 months were of the most hectic I had in my professional life. I was deeply involved in the past elections, running a major GOTV campaign. My company had significant growth and we work on several new products for ViacomCBS, as well as for different clients. But most of all, I became a father. While most of work stuff never really effected my creative energy, the first months of my firstborn life really had an impact. I was immersed in watching my baby grow, and with my wife adjusted to the change. It was, and still is, by far, the most satisfying thing I've done in my life. Yet still, there was a constant pang – write, create, unleash your imagination onto the world.

To be honest, I was surprised of the Protestant guilt that engulfed me. I am a writer, I build worlds, this is what I do. While my business channel these energies, it's not the same as creating your own work. So, I slowly gathered ideas and prepared my mind to go back plowing the fields of creation. What signified the back in business moment was going back to read books. Reading for me is like pollination. It ignites new ideas, and make me think. So I found myself reading two books of the Murderbot Diaries, by Martha Wells, which I strongly recommend as a fun action packed sci-fi with questions about the meaning of self And now I'm reading Dragon Mage, by M.L Spencer, a book about magic, dragons and Autism (the last part caught me by surprise actually).

As this went on, I revisited the Garden Keepers. I hired a screenwriter to work with me on the show premise, a professional from the American animation industry. We worked together to tighten the story line, the characters and premise. I was worried of working with another writer, but I embraced the process and the final result is much better. More kid focused and I genuinely feel that the product we created is a better version.

As this post begun I'm also back to creative writing. I'm exploring some ideas I have. I feel like a new novel is building up in me, but for now short stories and novellas is the framework my mind is working in. In have some ideas about ecology, environmental change, memory, coping with change and so on. I want to explore more thrilling materials, but let's see how that works. I'll publish some blurbs for patrons later on this month, but was important for me to update you. Bottom line is that the journey continues and I have to keep on keeping on, because what other option do I have? Or any of us for the matter.