About Me

Nimrod Dweck, born 1981.

Certified game designer, with an AA degree from Shenkar college of Engineering and Design, marketing and ad professional and an activist.

I got my MA in Philosophy and History of Science and Ideas from Tel Aviv University. My MA thesis was about mythologies and science fiction, ad I focused it on Joseph Campbell’s theory of the hero’s journey  and the epic TV series “Stargate”.

Between 2012 to 2017 I was a lecturer for MA and BA students at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, in the department of communications and journalism about transmedia and online marketing. During 2013-2016 I was the game design teacher in the Open University of Israel and was head of the game design and development program during 2015-2016. Starting 2017 I teach both at the Interdisciplinary Center at Hezrliyah and Tel Aviv University online marketing for BA students.

I’m the owner of the  marketing firm, Dice Marketing. On 2015 elections I co-founded and was the national campaign manager of V15 – Victory 2015, Israel’s largest non-partisan movement. On the end of the elections I co-founded Darkenu, today a 250,000 strong grassroots movement, that organize and mobilize the moderate majority of Israel. I serve as the movement VP Strategy.

I also own and manage the label “High Fiber Productions“, and I also manage bands. Working mostly with Hip Hop, Punk Rock and Rock. I used to be a rapper for several years, but I left this route behind.

I used to work as a  journalist and wrote  for “Timeout Tel Aviv” about music, local news and celebrities. For “Layla.co.il” about music and underground culture, YNET about Hip Hop, and I serverd as the music  editor of  the printed version of ‘”M-News“.

I was born in Israel, and live there with my beautiful wife.

Feel free to contact me at nimrod(at)dweck.co.il

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