Games Will Change The Middle East

Games Will Change The Middle East
For most Israelis, the BDS effort against Israel is mainly reflected in the well-publicized fight against concerts of well-known musicians in Israel. Famous musicians are afraid to come to Israel for fear of ostracism and attacks by supporters of BDS. But boycotting Israel is not limited just to the culture industry. An American game designer ...

Interview with me & Itamar about V15 – Victory 2015

ראיון עם איתמר ויצמן ואיתי ל-24 שעות
During the past weeks the Likud decided I’m their enemy and have started a full flanked attack on Itamar and myself. Here is an interview we gave to Yediot Achronot’s journalist, Yehuda Shochat.I love the photo, and really enjoyed reading the article. Hope you’ll enjoy it as well.,7340,L-4622380,00.html

Interview about V15 on Politico

The campaign ad is hardly subtle: It offers a vision of hope and change, dismisses the scare tactics of an established candidate and insists that the old guard has “already had their chance.” “You have the strength to make a change. … This is the time for something new,” the spot says. The yes-we-can message ...