Nimrod Dweck, born in 1981, married+2, Givataiym.

Writer, game designer, business and social entrepreneur. Creator of animated television content, graduate of the “Hop, Skip and Jump” incubator and the “Draft/Sketch” incubator. Publishes columns in the press from time to time and publishes stories and poems in contests.

Has an MA in philosophy and history of science and ideas (thesis on “Mythologies And Science Fiction”, focusing on Joseph Campbell’s hero’s journey theory). Holds a BA degree from the Open University in Political Science and International Relations.

Partner and CEO of Paramount Global’s innovation incubator, Beta, within which he founded three startups. Until 2020, he served as CEO of the marketing company Dice Marketing, which he founded in 2006. As part of it, he founded Studio Rimon for games (2011). The company was sold to Beta in 2020.

During the 2015 elections, he founded and managed the Victory 2015 – V15 movement. After the elections, he founded Darkenu, a social-political movement that adheres moderate discourse with friends. He served there as VP of Strategy until 2022, currently a member of the board of directors. In 2020 he led to the establishment of DemocratTV.

In 2015, he founded the “Seeing Black in the Eyes” initiative, an environmental-civic organization that helped file class action lawsuits against polluters. Led to the filing of the class action lawsuits against EAPC (was settled for approximately 100 million NIS) and against Rotem-Ampert/Nahal Ashlim disaster (was settled for approximately 115 million NIS).

Serves as a lecturer for online marketing, toy development and transmedia. Taught at the Hebrew University, Tel Aviv and Bezalel. He served as the head of the computer game design and development program at “Hasifa” from the Open University. He currently teaches marketing and innovation at Reichman University.

Between 2000-2007 he performed as a rapper and managed artists and bands. In 2004 he founded the label High Fiber, which mainly represents Israeli hip-hop. Released two albums with, and also gave guest appearnce on the fourth album of Hadag Nahash, for which he received a gold album.

In the past, he was a journalist in local media such as “Modiin News”, Timeout and cultural and news sites (Ynet, Nana10, Mouse, Ha’ir).

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